Not goodbye but Ti’Amo

Our pets are an integral part of our lives. Birthdays, graduations, day to day activities, summer vacations, and challenging life seasons, are beautifully shared with us by our animal companions. Life flashes in a blink of an eye and the precious moments spent with our pets dissipates quickly. Courage must be summoned in full measure […]

From Shanghai With Love

It’s an unusually cool August morning, here in Oklahoma, as I compose this blog. I’ve just returned from an early morning walk as the dawn of a new day ushers in hope and the wet morning dew nourishes the landscape. Summer is in full swing now and fall is ever so gently knocking on our door. The summer of 2018 has been one in the history books, for me, and the incredible experiences that I have now to call my own.

June 5th 2018 I enthusiastically departed for Shanghai China to work as a Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator. The long flight to Asia helped to quell my nerves as I pondered what unknown adventures lay in front of me. What would the culture be like? What would the people be like? A million questions raced through my head on the seemingly endless flight. I sat by the window and looked down at the earth far below. The airline flight map showed that the plane was passing over Tibet then Mongolia. I am thinking at this point – “Is this my life, right now?!” My heart gently answered me – “Yes, Cindy, this is your life and China is waiting for you – just breathe, focus, and do your best.”

The plane touched down, in Shanghai, and I looked at a distinguished business man sitting across from me. He seemed like a seasonsed traveler. I asked him if he had experience being in a Chinese airport before and then crossing the border. His handsome smile seemed to provide me with warmth and confidence until he blurted out “I don’t have a clue.” Well, that was not the answer that I was expecting. Talk about a hard thud. I grinned and replied “Me neither, adventure awaits!”

The Shanghai Airport was efficient, and in no time, my driver whisked me away to my apartment in the Financial District. I was in awe of the immense beauty and technological achievements of this metropolis. Shanghai is the New York City of Asia and with 34 million inhabitants it truly never sleeps. The incredible view from my apartment left me breathless. Endless high-rise buildings with The Huangpu River flowing through the center of the city.

I was working, providing private sittings, within hours of arriving. Many of my clients were involved in Hollywood and the entertainment industry and it was a thrill to meet them. The memories that I have from getting to know them are ones that I will always cherish.

I presented a two-day Well Being Workshop at the Shanghai Gallery of Art, one of Shanghai’s most distinguished galleries. It was thrilling to lecture on Meditation, Chakras, and Psychic Awareness. My students were enthusiastic and our discussions on these topics was enlightening. It was rewarding, on the Day 2 of the workshop, to hear how much calmer and grounded each student was feeling thru the breathwork exercises they had learned.

I had the incredible honor to meet and dine with Master Ren, the Number 1-Tai Chi Master in China, at his estate. We drank tea together, discussed the power of the soul, and I was fortunate enough to communicate telepatically with his two cats. The moment our tea cups were low a gentle Chinese woman would immediately fill them to the top again and then leave the room. Master Ren also bestowed me, with the honor, to  hold his priceless Eaglewood Collection. Eaglewood is exceptionally rare and, at one time, was only owned by the Royal Family in China. He graciously gifted me with Eaglewood incense – and a beautiful case in which this incense is contained. The gracious hospitality of Master Ren and the incredible moments, from this evening, are something that I will always remember.

I also had several meals with renowned Dr. Xu from John Hopkins University. He is vegan and has lectured to nearly 40,000 people in China on the benefits of healthy eating. His passion and my clients dedication to a vegan lifestyle, inspired me to become vegan. I feel healthier and can tell a noticable difference in how my body moves. I owe so much to Dr Xu and to my clients for the intellectual discussions about healthy eating and how to incorporate this into my lifestyle.

My incredible clients also took me to one of the Buddhist Temples in Shanghai. I stood in awe at the incredible architecture with my senses aroused as I smelled the incense wafting through the air. I was completely raptured as I observed two men burning prayer cards as the smoke lifted to the heavens – carrying the prayers of the people to the Divine. A procession of Buddhist Monks arrived drumming and chanting around the fire where people were gathered bowing and praying. I felt privileged to witness this and it is a memory that I will always cherish.

Shanghai was a tremendous experience that I will always remember. I humbly thank my clients for bringing me to Asia and look forward to returning there. The immense beauty of this city will leave you yearning to experience her mysteries. These precious memories, memorilized in my blog, are just a few of the many that I hold dear. My wish for you, to take from my adventure, is this: When opportunity comes knocking that you have a willing heart to swing that door wide open, discerning ears to listen to what truly matters, and a whole lotta chutzpa to bodly take that first step. Adventure Awaits!

Yours Faithfully,

Cindy Kay Jones

Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium



You Never Forget Your First!

Hello sojourners! No matter your age one never forgets their first pet. Did yours have furry four legs, colorful feathers, or perhaps a tortoise shell? It’s the first relationship where our natural care giving instincts kick in. Mine was a beautiful Heinz 57 (the best breed that exists) named Spooky. Very apropos for a girl […]

The Stretching Season

Hello lovelies! The melodic sounds of nature are gleefully dancing about today without so much as a care that technically it’s still winter. However, the beautiful choir of birds proudly perched in the great oak, outside my meditation room, are excitedly chirping “Spring is here! Spring is here!” There is a such a wonderful thrill when the cold gray silence of winter is sharply broken with the synergy of nature waking up and reminding us all that every winter indeed blossoms into spring.
Nature’s choir is boldly cheering us all forward as 2018 is well underway. Our clocks have moved an hour forward for those of us here in the United States. Spring certainly graciously sings to us the tremendous power of movement and also the humbling importance of letting go. My work with Spirit is taking me to greater heights that I never fully imagined for myself. Every amazing opportunity that has come my way has brought me intimately closer to the Spirit World. Although letting go of the familiar, for me, well that is the quite the challenge. Excuse me, while I sip my turmeric ginger tea and get really honest here. Vulnerability is not my strong suit – and I’m cracking myself wide open, as I nervously compose this blog. Did that get your attention? Read on sojourner.
I’m shy and a private person. I am no longer of the opinion that people are stand-offish – it’s me who stands back and cautiously waits for the invitation to join. It’s how I’m hard-wired but as I have devoted myself to Mediumnistic Development my natural tendency to withdraw from groups and crowds has been challenged. I have nervously stood in front of audiences – ready to work with Spirit – with my knees knocking, hands sweating, and heart pounding – and survived. People coming up to me afterwards, in support, not only to shake my hand but to offer a sincere hug and kind word. It’s been a rewarding journey but one that has completely cannon balled me out of my comfort zone. Developing as a Medium has opened my eyes to my weaknesses and amidst that brokenness is where Spirit has stretched me with new lengths to grow.
The stretching season is not always easy – in fact – let’s face it – it’s down right painful. However, the stretching season, akin to any season is but temporary – and thru hard fought perseverance and tenacity born of desperation- comes growth. It’s gently raining now, as I write this, and the thundering sounds of Spring are bellowing just outside my front door. Winter has indeed turned to spring, just as your stretching season will blossom into glorious growth.
Yours faithfully,
Cindy Kay Jones
Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator

Chakras, Pendulums, Stones, Oh My!

Hello beautiful souls! Animals are tuned into us on many levels – emotionally, intuitively, and physically. Many of my clients call upset that their pet is displaying the kind of behavior that they find unacceptable, such as, “My dog is all the sudden destroying the pillows in the house!” I will tune in and ask the animal “What is going on?” often it’s not the animal but the animal’s person that is facing challenges. Just as a nervous owner’s fear and stress will affect their pet – our out of whack chakras can exaggerate or possibly cause their issues. I often find that calm pet owners can help make for relaxed pets! Everything is energy and that is where Chakra Balancing can be so important!

Are you familiar with the word chakra? Chakra is an ancient word that means “Wheel” in Sanskrit. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy in our body and in the bodies of animals. There are chakras in the pads of an animals feet, their tail, however, there are seven main chakras that run along the center of the body. These seven main chakras govern responses on many levels to the energy around us. I will discuss the main seven chakras in this blog.

The three chakras found in the lower body are the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus. These govern our basic survival. The remaining four chakras found in the upper body are the Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, and Crown Chakra – which govern our mental processes.

A balanced chakra will spin clockwise – like a spinning fan. An unbalanced chakra spins counter clockwise. Chakra energetic systems that are open, balanced, and in correct alignment just feels good – like a beautiful summer day with no worries! However, when one or more chakra is out of balance we feel it thru out entire system and it works the same way with our animal friends.

How do you detect if a chakra in an animal is balanced? I use a pendulum. You can use this tool to give you feedback about the movement of each chakra. Pendulums can be purchased online or at your local metaphyscial store. Program your pendulum by holding it in front of you and ask “Pendulum show me Yes” and watch it begin to move – showing you the movement of what your particular “Yes” will be. Then, in a likewise manner, ask the Pendulum to show you “No” and again, you will receive your “No” with the movement of this tool.

Each chakra has it’s own unique color associated with it. The Root Chakra is Red, Sacral Chakra is Orange, Solar Plexus is Yellow, Heart Chakra is Green, Throat Chakra is Blue, Third Eye is Indigo, and Crown Chakra is Violet, White, or Gold. These colors can be used to energetically influence the body, mind, and soul, of an animal. Gemstones also play an important role in balancing an animals energy. I like to use Red Jasper to balance the Root Chakra, Citrine to balance the Solar Plexus, and Amethyst to balance the Crown.

The following is a list of types of animal behaviors displayed in each Chakra, along with the gemstone to assist in balancing the energy in each chakra.

Root Chakra – Color Associated with this Chakra is Red
Stone/Crystal: Red Jasper, Ruby, Garnett
Energy: Grounding – Being comfortable at home
Balanced: Secure and Grounded
Underactive: Fearful Acting or Nervous Tension
Overactive: Guarding Toys, Foods, Blankets

Sacral Chakra – Color Associated with this Chakra is Orange
Stone/Crystal: Citrine, Clear Quartz, Carnelian
Energy: Sexuality, Emotions, Feelings
Balanced: Feelings are appropriately expressed without being frantic. Animal is open to affections and love
Underactive: Animal is stiff, lacking in emotions or warmth
Overactive: Hyperactivity, Separation Anxiety maybe an issue

Solar Plexus – Color Associated with this Chakra is Yellow
Stone/Crystal: Yellow Topaz, Clear Quartz, Citrine
Balanced: Animal feels in control and confident
Underactive: Skittish, timid, passive
Overactive: Bossy, Pushy, Aggressive

Heart Chakra – Color Associated with this Chakra is Green
Stone/Crystal: Rose Quartz, Malachite
Balanced: Love, Kindness and Affection
Underactive: Animal could be try to keep its distance
Overactive: Animals have so much love to give! It’s hard for me to accept that an animal could give too much love!

Throat Chakra – Color Associated with this Chakra is Blue
Stone/Crystal: Turquoise, Lapis Luzuli
Energy: Animals expresses itself thru being heard
Balanced: Animals expresses itself thru being heard and makes it’s needs known without agitation
Underactive: Timid and Shy – animal does not use it’s voice
Overactive: An animal that cries needlessly and manipulates it’s person

Third Eye: Color Associated with this Chakra is Indigo
Stone/Crystal: Sodalite, Tourmaline
Energy: Animal has insight into itself, it’s person, it’s surroundings
Balanced: Animal lives at comfort in the world of people and animals
Underactive: Animal relies on it’s person too much
Overactive: Animal lives in a world of Play! Play! Play!

Crown: Color Associated with this Chakra is Violet, Gold, or White
Stone/Crystal: Amethyst, Moonstone
Energy: Animals ability to access a universal “Animal Wisdom”
Balanced: Allows animal to be aware of its place in the world
Underactive: Animal with social anxiety – just never seems to fit in
Overactive: Animal that is in constant worry mode

The impact of balancing an animal’s chakras are beneficial and can be done with the animal in the room or at a distance. Each chakra is tested, starting with the Root and moving up to the Crown. Hold the pendulum, letting it dangle without moving, and ask if the animal’s Root Chakra is balanced. The pendulum will start to move accordingly to the “Yes” or “No” movements as explained above. Once you receive your answer, then the next step, is to balance the chakra or move on to the next one. Place a stone such as Jasper, if in the Root Chakra and it needs balancing, on the counter or on a picture of the animal. Then “open” the chakra – I do this with my hand; just going in a clockwise manner – and with my sensitivity – observe the chakra for what sometimes, to me, feels like a sticky substance. I then pull the sticky substance out until the chakra feels clean and balanced. I always finish with sending love and light to each chakra and the animal.

Our furry babies give us so much happiness and love. Balancing your animal’s chakras only takes a few minutes and has such a positive impact on their behavior. Try it tonight and see what a difference it makes!

Love and Light to you all!
Cindy Kay Jones
Animal Communicator and Evidential Medium







A Medium’s Journey – Across the Pond and Beyond

Hello Beautiful Souls! 2017 is upon us with bountiful new energy coursing through the universe! There are meaningful friendships to be made and exciting adventures that await as each soul sets their intention for this new year. Vision board parties with your amazing tribe, or perhaps just yourself in an intimate candlelit setting.  Visualizing your desires can be powerful in manifesting your goals and aspirations. Let me invite you now to sink deep into your sweet spot with a warm cup of herbal tea, nosh on a piece of dark chocolate, and read about my mystical experience at the incredible Arthur Findlay College in England –  one that I visualized many moons ago.

Spring of 2015 was an exciting time in my journey. I was growing and developing in my Intuitive work and had attended a Mediumship Workshop. This particular course was designed to deepen my relationship with the Spirit World, and I was so inspired, that I began to peruse the website of the Arthur Findlay College (AFC)- one of the foremost colleges in the world relative to Psychic and Mediumship Studies, located in England.

I cautiously reviewed each Arthur Findlay course, assessing my own ability, with my heart pounding. Could I actually be daring enough to fly overseas and study Mediumship? Not only that, be tutored by the finest Mediums in the world? My heart valiantly cried “Do it!” My head scolded “You’ll fail!” I sat staring at the website envisioning the Arthur Findlay College in my mind’s eye. I thought to myself…If one wishes to study law one attends Harvard Law School…if one wishes to study medicine one attends John Hopkins School of Medicine, if one wishes to study Mediumship one attends the Arthur Findlay College…a conclusion few would argue with. Thus, with a surge of confidence and a whole lot of faith, I booked my courses for November 2016. I had nearly a year and half to prepare for what would be a life changing experience.

Time can fly by or it can drag but time marches on. November 2016 came and the moment was finally here. I walked up the steps of the college, opened the doors, and crossed the threshold of what many mediums refer to as “home.” I eagerly explored the college as it was to be my home for the next several weeks. I gazed at the grand rooms, the beautiful sanctuary, perfectly manicured lawns, but most noticeable was the comradery amongst the mediums. Lifelong friendships are forged in such an environment and that is something special indeed.

My mediumship became much more personal to me as a result of attending AFC, as this work, is not just about communication between the physical world and the other side. Mediumship will expand the heart of medium if they allow it to, the result of which, is growth. Growing pains sometimes produce tears but tears dry and the pain subsides. The feeling of accomplishment after I demonstrated in front of my peers was overwhelming. I arrived at AFC one person and left another.

Dreams and visions. Do you have any? What would you do if fear wasn’t part of the equation. Would you take the next step? What is holding you back? Keep your vision in front of you and never ever give up. Always believe that anything is possible because it is – and know that I am cheering you on – whether it’s on this side or that side of that great big pond.

Cindy Kay Jones – Evidential Medium and Animal Communicator

The Dance of Surrender

Hello lovelies! Outside my living room window there is a gentle cool breeze blowing luring me outdoors to experience the last few days of summer. The sun is shining brightly with only a few of the many crape myrtles in my back yard still proudly displaying their white and pink blooms. My magnificent water feature of the Roman Goddess Juturna, is gently playing her soft melody, as the sound of cascading water fills my home. All of my sweet furry babies are napping and off in the distance a neighbor is mowing their yard. Sounds like I am in suburban paradise here hmmm? Well, there is more to the story and here is the Reader’s Digest version.

I find myself working full-time in two worlds. The first world is of business  – a world that I have worked in for nearly 20 years with success. Get up, go to work, come home, and do it again. Kinda like – wash, rinse, repeat…wash, rinse, repeat. The second world is of Spirit – a world of Mediumship, Intuitives, and Animal Communication. A world that has embraced me from the moment that my journey began. Expanding my awareness and horizons with each new incredible opportunity.

My work as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Medium is the most rewarding gift that I have been fortunate enough to share with the world. I have communicated with a Hedgehog that loves classic rock-n-roll (hey, you gotta love a hedgehog that digs Freddie Mercury!), I have connected loved ones in this physical world to their Spirit Family, and along the way met some of the most incredible, humble, gifted human beings that I am now able to call my friends.

My work as an Intuitive is thriving and very rewarding. However, I often find myself asking “When will I leave my desk job?” Well, I am stubborn…and nervous…and really really not very patient in this area of my life. It comes down to that word..Surrender. Letting go of what I want..Oooo..that means that my hands are free and there is nothing to hold onto!  I need..oh yeah…Surrender. Now breathe. Say it again. Surrender. Breathe. Say it again. Surrender…

I pause with each breath and remind myself of the present moment. That is where all the power to create lies. In this present moment I hear the sound of the cascading water falling outside my window, I see my furry babies contentedly napping, the sun is shining brightly outside my window, and I feel the gentle cool breeze blowing throughout my home. My heart rate begins to slow down as I breathe in this present moment and exhale the word…Surrender.

The Dance of Surrender. My dance, at times, looks like a cha-cha, then a tango, then free-style, and that is all before noon some weeks. However, my dance card has been filled with amazing opportunities where I have surrendered myself to serve. To serve Spirit, to serve my tribe, to serve my clients, and to serve my community. And guess what..I am not a wall-flower anymore..Yep..I am on the dance floor and the Bee-Gees are playing!

My work as an Professional Intuitive is truly a joy. Each day brings so much adventure and intrigue. Getting up in front of an audience, with no clue what you are going to say, only that you trust that the Spirit World be there, takes an enormous amount of Surrender. My question to you is what brings you real joy? Are you doing what makes your heart sing? Are you doing the Dance of Surrender, and if so, what does your dance look like? Hey..I have one more question for you to think about…Wanna Dance?



Growing Up Medium

Hello Lovelies! I was sitting on my porch having my morning coffee in quiet contemplation this morning. I could hear the birds singing while off in the distance a rooster was crowing. Instantly upon hearing that rooster my mind was flooded with memories of growing up in the Ozark Mountains and the Spirit World that was so much a part of my youth.

I’ve always felt the Spirit World. I remember at the age of two, playing in the floor, and feeling the other side come close to me. Those in the Spirit World became the inspiration of many games that I would play as a toddler. My mother has often told me that I could entertain myself for hours. However, as I grew older, and those in Spirit would gather near me, I would shut my eyes to turn off the connection. I could hear the other side also and that was overwhelming indeed. To say, as a kid, that I was timid of the Spirit World would be an understatement. Spirit never was trying to scare me but my own perception of what was happening did.

Remember drive-in movie theaters? We had one in the town that I grew up in and my Mom was a classic horror movie fan. Many a Saturday night she would drive my sisters and I, in her Chevy Impala, to the local drive in to watch the double feature. I can still feel the cool night air drifting through the valley with the smell of popcorn lingering on the air. All was right with the world until the creature feature started playing. The common phrase in our home was, “don’t let Cindy watch scary movies!” and so, if the movie was scary, then I was paralyzed with fear. Hollywood really does the Spirit World an injustice. Nothing that I have ever experienced, as a medium, has mirrored the extremes of what I so feared as a child.

So growing up an Intuitive Medium…What was it like? Well, I can only give a little of my perspective here. I could “feel” the energy of a room that I walked into. I knew if someone had been fighting, if someone was sad, even if those individuals were no longer in the room. Those upset emotions weren’t mine and I carried them with me until I no longer felt them. I felt concern over how bills would be paid, my grandmother’s health, a stranger’s mood and none of these were matters discussed with me. I just knew and felt way more than I should have. There were times that I could feel a Spirit in the room with me; I could feel that Spirit’s energy. I knew if the Spirit was male or female and saw impressions of how their life was lived before they passed. It was a real part of my childhood until I reached adolescence. I so wanted to fit in; to be accepted. So, I did my best to turn down the dial to the Spirit World. I never fully fit in at school, but, I did manage to turn the volume down to the Spirit World that had been so much a part of my existence.

“Turning the dial down” didn’t mean that all the supernatural experiences in my life stopped completely. Those on the other side always gathered close, around my bed, at night. I tried my very best to ignore them. Dreading turning out the lights. I just didn’t understand what they wanted. That was until about 2007. Enough. Enough with fear and uncertainty. I needed answers and began the journey of finding them not having a clue where to start.

Shortly thereafter a series of amazing synchronistic events unfolded in my life. Relationships began forming and my search for answers were proving fruitful. My mediumship development was just beginning. I was untrained, big time in need of grounding, but thankful.

I now work as a Professional Intuitive Medium and Animal Communicator. It’s beautiful to bring messages of hope to those who have loved ones on the other side. So touching to see and feel the healing take place in the lives of those who are still here in the physical. I couldn’t see this aspect of Mediumship when I was younger. There was a process that needed to unfold, for myself, of acceptance, study, discipline, and love. Love for Spirit, others, and for myself.

So much of my journey hasn’t been about taking a leap of faith but about taking the next step. What’s it like on your journey? Do you allow fear to hold you back? Playing it small never turns out the way you want it to. Be fearless – be strong – be courageous!

New Year’s Intentions for Us and Our Animal Friends

Happy New Year! 2016 is upon us and is sure to be filled with magic and wonder! So many of us naturally set our intentions for the New Year as a way to create and manifest our desires. Have you set and declared your intentions for the New Year yet? Perhaps yours is achieving better health, being of service to others, or awakening to your own spiritual gifts. However, have you ever considered that our animal companions have intentions to declare as well?

Last night, New Years Eve, I was surrounded by my animal companions in a burning bowl ceremony.  I prepared my sacred space and wrote down all that I wanted to release and renew. As I prepared for this ritual it seemed lacking in something. I began to become aware of a loving voice in my awareness, as my animal friends sat by me, – “Listen to us –  we are here to experience this journey with you.”

A sense of wonder swept over my heart! Our animal companions have intentions of their own, that are worthy to be voiced and declared! I listened intently to my sweet furry babies recant to me their soul’s journey. Their lessons learned inspire me to live more consciously in service to others.

I held space for my animal friends as I released what was not for the highest and the best into the fire. Their sweet souls and mine partaking in a sacred ceremony together. How amazing that our animal companions have such a profound effect on our path. Their souls truly give pure love; out of which springs forth new life for a New Year ahead.

I encourage you to listen to your animal companions. Their souls have wisdom and love to give you that knows no bounds. As you set your intentions for 2016, perhaps stop for just a moment and consider your animal friends. They have so much to tell you about their world…and yours!

In Service to Spirit

Cindy Kay Jones

Animal Communicator and Intuitive Medium




Animal Soul Contracts

Greetings to you friend! I’ve always considered animals as my friends, as many of you probably do as well. So it’s quite natural for me to consider them not only as friends but as family members. I share the adventurous happenings of my days with my furry babies and I listen intently to their wonderful stories as well!

So many of us that love, respect, and consider our furry babies as family members know how painful it is after the death of a pet. The process of dealing and coping with the death process is different for everyone. Animal Communication can provide a new spiritual outlook and resource in the stages of pet loss grief.

Animals have a soul. They are on a journey, in this physical world, as are humans. Animals sign soul contracts, before they incarnate, to experience everything in this physical world, that they have agreed to. There are different types of soul contacts as I will discuss below.

The first type is called Karmic. A Karmic Contract affects destiny within one incarnation. A Karmic Contract is limited to that particular lifetime and can still be a segment of a larger soul commitment for multiple reincarnations within an owners life.  An example would be a therapy dog that has the ability to sense seizures or trauma in their person’s aura or body. This is an experience that would affect their human companion’s destiny. The animal karma (or soul’s choice) facilitated that outcome of the interaction with that human. The number of agreements made between a pet’s soul and their person determine the quantity of a pet’s past lives an animal will share with their companion in a singe life or throughout multiple lifetimes.

There are several types of pet spiritual arrangements that an animal can configure in their animal process:

A. Over-Souling: Is when the late pet contracts to direct a new or former pet from a higher perspective.

B. Walk In Contract: Is when the deceased pet’s energy moves into another pet’s body that has agreed to relocate when the departed pet’s energy reincarnates.

C. Soul Braiding: Is a shared contract when the deceased pet returns as a roommate within a current pet’s body.

D. New Body Contract: The pet’s energy that passed returns in a new physical form.

I talk with clients, every week, that have a pet that has crossed over into Spirit. I assure them, and you, that our furry babies life force energy and love lives on. There are those skeptics out there that scratch their head at the thought of reincarnation. I ask them just to first consider the possibility. For in time, that beloved furry baby, may come back to you, if it’s what they have contracted to do.

Love and Light

Cindy Kay Jones

Animal Communicator and Intuitive Medium