From Shanghai With Love

It’s an unusually cool August morning, here in Oklahoma, as I compose this blog. I’ve just returned from an early morning walk as the dawn of a new day ushers in hope and the wet morning dew nourishes the landscape. Summer is in full swing now and fall is ever so gently knocking on our door. The summer of 2018 has been one in the history books, for me, and the incredible experiences that I have now to call my own.

June 5th 2018 I enthusiastically departed for Shanghai China to work as a Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator. The long flight to Asia helped to quell my nerves as I pondered what unknown adventures lay in front of me. What would the culture be like? What would the people be like? A million questions raced through my head on the seemingly endless flight. I sat by the window and looked down at the earth far below. The airline flight map showed that the plane was passing over Tibet then Mongolia. I am thinking at this point – “Is this my life, right now?!” My heart gently answered me – “Yes, Cindy, this is your life and China is waiting for you – just breathe, focus, and do your best.”

The plane touched down, in Shanghai, and I looked at a distinguished business man sitting across from me. He seemed like a seasonsed traveler. I asked him if he had experience being in a Chinese airport before and then crossing the border. His handsome smile seemed to provide me with warmth and confidence until he blurted out “I don’t have a clue.” Well, that was not the answer that I was expecting. Talk about a hard thud. I grinned and replied “Me neither, adventure awaits!”

The Shanghai Airport was efficient, and in no time, my driver whisked me away to my apartment in the Financial District. I was in awe of the immense beauty and technological achievements of this metropolis. Shanghai is the New York City of Asia and with 34 million inhabitants it truly never sleeps. The incredible view from my apartment left me breathless. Endless high-rise buildings with The Huangpu River flowing through the center of the city.

I was working, providing private sittings, within hours of arriving. Many of my clients were involved in Hollywood and the entertainment industry and it was a thrill to meet them. The memories that I have from getting to know them are ones that I will always cherish.

I presented a two-day Well Being Workshop at the Shanghai Gallery of Art, one of Shanghai’s most distinguished galleries. It was thrilling to lecture on Meditation, Chakras, and Psychic Awareness. My students were enthusiastic and our discussions on these topics was enlightening. It was rewarding, on the Day 2 of the workshop, to hear how much calmer and grounded each student was feeling thru the breathwork exercises they had learned.

I had the incredible honor to meet and dine with Master Ren, the Number 1-Tai Chi Master in China, at his estate. We drank tea together, discussed the power of the soul, and I was fortunate enough to communicate telepatically with his two cats. The moment our tea cups were low a gentle Chinese woman would immediately fill them to the top again and then leave the room. Master Ren also bestowed me, with the honor, to  hold his priceless Eaglewood Collection. Eaglewood is exceptionally rare and, at one time, was only owned by the Royal Family in China. He graciously gifted me with Eaglewood incense – and a beautiful case in which this incense is contained. The gracious hospitality of Master Ren and the incredible moments, from this evening, are something that I will always remember.

I also had several meals with renowned Dr. Xu from John Hopkins University. He is vegan and has lectured to nearly 40,000 people in China on the benefits of healthy eating. His passion and my clients dedication to a vegan lifestyle, inspired me to become vegan. I feel healthier and can tell a noticable difference in how my body moves. I owe so much to Dr Xu and to my clients for the intellectual discussions about healthy eating and how to incorporate this into my lifestyle.

My incredible clients also took me to one of the Buddhist Temples in Shanghai. I stood in awe at the incredible architecture with my senses aroused as I smelled the incense wafting through the air. I was completely raptured as I observed two men burning prayer cards as the smoke lifted to the heavens – carrying the prayers of the people to the Divine. A procession of Buddhist Monks arrived drumming and chanting around the fire where people were gathered bowing and praying. I felt privileged to witness this and it is a memory that I will always cherish.

Shanghai was a tremendous experience that I will always remember. I humbly thank my clients for bringing me to Asia and look forward to returning there. The immense beauty of this city will leave you yearning to experience her mysteries. These precious memories, memorilized in my blog, are just a few of the many that I hold dear. My wish for you, to take from my adventure, is this: When opportunity comes knocking that you have a willing heart to swing that door wide open, discerning ears to listen to what truly matters, and a whole lotta chutzpa to bodly take that first step. Adventure Awaits!

Yours Faithfully,

Cindy Kay Jones

Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium



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  1. Thank You so much for sharing your journey with us, what a beautiful life changing adventure it was…. I am so happy you are open to visiting foreign lands because who knows, I might just invite you to my exotic country …. Love and light sweetie xxxx

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