You Never Forget Your First!

Hello sojourners! No matter your age one never forgets their first pet. Did yours have furry four legs, colorful feathers, or perhaps a tortoise shell? It’s the first relationship where our natural care giving instincts kick in. Mine was a beautiful Heinz 57 (the best breed that exists) named Spooky. Very apropos for a girl with a sixth sense!
Spooky was my #1 loyal friend and fierce protector no matter where my childhood adventures took me. I snuck him in the house, one night when he was a puppy, and gingerly placed him beneath the covers, only to have our puppy party busted by my dad. So, back to the shed he went (Spooky not my dad!) and the light of morning couldn’t come fast enough as playtime resumed.
My beloved Spooky was my closet confidant, and many times, I never used spoken words to communicate with him. It was a language that I now know as Telepathy – mind to mind communication. I knew when he was hurting, happy, and lonely, and amazingly he knew the same about me. It was a natural understanding that I possessed yet had no frame of reference to articulate. I just knew that animals could communicate with people in a way that wasn’t being explained to me. This understanding cultivated a trust with animals and myself that continues to this day.
It’s that first pet that speaks to us of unconditional love. The incredible moment where that sweet puppy licks your salty tears instantly cements the bond that will forever be. Knowing that my furry friend will be there to lovingly listen to me has been a source of comfort in my life. They really are more than just an animal. Each precious one is a soul with feelings, a purpose, and journey.
It’s National Puppy Day! Take time to celebrate with your furry baby! They welcome us home, are the loyal keepers of our secrets, and most of all have so much to communicate with each one of us. Are you listening?
With love and gratitude to Pet Guardians of animals everywhere and to my Zoo Crew – Norman, Fozzie, Miss Magnolia, and Grayson (and of course Spooky and many more in Spirit),
Cindy Kay Jones
Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium

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