The Stretching Season

Hello lovelies! The melodic sounds of nature are gleefully dancing about today without so much as a care that technically it’s still winter. However, the beautiful choir of birds proudly perched in the great oak, outside my meditation room, are excitedly chirping “Spring is here! Spring is here!” There is a such a wonderful thrill when the cold gray silence of winter is sharply broken with the synergy of nature waking up and reminding us all that every winter indeed blossoms into spring.
Nature’s choir is boldly cheering us all forward as 2018 is well underway. Our clocks have moved an hour forward for those of us here in the United States. Spring certainly graciously sings to us the tremendous power of movement and also the humbling importance of letting go. My work with Spirit is taking me to greater heights that I never fully imagined for myself. Every amazing opportunity that has come my way has brought me intimately closer to the Spirit World. Although letting go of the familiar, for me, well that is the quite the challenge. Excuse me, while I sip my turmeric ginger tea and get really honest here. Vulnerability is not my strong suit – and I’m cracking myself wide open, as I nervously compose this blog. Did that get your attention? Read on sojourner.
I’m shy and a private person. I am no longer of the opinion that people are stand-offish – it’s me who stands back and cautiously waits for the invitation to join. It’s how I’m hard-wired but as I have devoted myself to Mediumnistic Development my natural tendency to withdraw from groups and crowds has been challenged. I have nervously stood in front of audiences – ready to work with Spirit – with my knees knocking, hands sweating, and heart pounding – and survived. People coming up to me afterwards, in support, not only to shake my hand but to offer a sincere hug and kind word. It’s been a rewarding journey but one that has completely cannon balled me out of my comfort zone. Developing as a Medium has opened my eyes to my weaknesses and amidst that brokenness is where Spirit has stretched me with new lengths to grow.
The stretching season is not always easy – in fact – let’s face it – it’s down right painful. However, the stretching season, akin to any season is but temporary – and thru hard fought perseverance and tenacity born of desperation- comes growth. It’s gently raining now, as I write this, and the thundering sounds of Spring are bellowing just outside my front door. Winter has indeed turned to spring, just as your stretching season will blossom into glorious growth.
Yours faithfully,
Cindy Kay Jones
Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator

5 thoughts on “The Stretching Season

  1. Are you going to do any training or speaking in the Oklahoma City area this year. I so want to come and hear one of your shows or listen to you speak, but it’s usually in the Tulsa area. So if I could help make that happen, I’d be glad to help out.

    • Hi Brenda,
      I definitely need to consider having a gallery in OKC! Thank you for your comment! – Cindy xoxo

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