Chakras, Pendulums, Stones, Oh My!

Hello beautiful souls! Animals are tuned into us on many levels – emotionally, intuitively, and physically. Many of my clients call upset that their pet is displaying the kind of behavior that they find unacceptable, such as, “My dog is all the sudden destroying the pillows in the house!” I will tune in and ask the animal “What is going on?” often it’s not the animal but the animal’s person that is facing challenges. Just as a nervous owner’s fear and stress will affect their pet – our out of whack chakras can exaggerate or possibly cause their issues. I often find that calm pet owners can help make for relaxed pets! Everything is energy and that is where Chakra Balancing can be so important!

Are you familiar with the word chakra? Chakra is an ancient word that means “Wheel” in Sanskrit. Chakras are spinning wheels of energy in our body and in the bodies of animals. There are chakras in the pads of an animals feet, their tail, however, there are seven main chakras that run along the center of the body. These seven main chakras govern responses on many levels to the energy around us. I will discuss the main seven chakras in this blog.

The three chakras found in the lower body are the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus. These govern our basic survival. The remaining four chakras found in the upper body are the Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye, and Crown Chakra – which govern our mental processes.

A balanced chakra will spin clockwise – like a spinning fan. An unbalanced chakra spins counter clockwise. Chakra energetic systems that are open, balanced, and in correct alignment just feels good – like a beautiful summer day with no worries! However, when one or more chakra is out of balance we feel it thru out entire system and it works the same way with our animal friends.

How do you detect if a chakra in an animal is balanced? I use a pendulum. You can use this tool to give you feedback about the movement of each chakra. Pendulums can be purchased online or at your local metaphyscial store. Program your pendulum by holding it in front of you and ask “Pendulum show me Yes” and watch it begin to move – showing you the movement of what your particular “Yes” will be. Then, in a likewise manner, ask the Pendulum to show you “No” and again, you will receive your “No” with the movement of this tool.

Each chakra has it’s own unique color associated with it. The Root Chakra is Red, Sacral Chakra is Orange, Solar Plexus is Yellow, Heart Chakra is Green, Throat Chakra is Blue, Third Eye is Indigo, and Crown Chakra is Violet, White, or Gold. These colors can be used to energetically influence the body, mind, and soul, of an animal. Gemstones also play an important role in balancing an animals energy. I like to use Red Jasper to balance the Root Chakra, Citrine to balance the Solar Plexus, and Amethyst to balance the Crown.

The following is a list of types of animal behaviors displayed in each Chakra, along with the gemstone to assist in balancing the energy in each chakra.

Root Chakra – Color Associated with this Chakra is Red
Stone/Crystal: Red Jasper, Ruby, Garnett
Energy: Grounding – Being comfortable at home
Balanced: Secure and Grounded
Underactive: Fearful Acting or Nervous Tension
Overactive: Guarding Toys, Foods, Blankets

Sacral Chakra – Color Associated with this Chakra is Orange
Stone/Crystal: Citrine, Clear Quartz, Carnelian
Energy: Sexuality, Emotions, Feelings
Balanced: Feelings are appropriately expressed without being frantic. Animal is open to affections and love
Underactive: Animal is stiff, lacking in emotions or warmth
Overactive: Hyperactivity, Separation Anxiety maybe an issue

Solar Plexus – Color Associated with this Chakra is Yellow
Stone/Crystal: Yellow Topaz, Clear Quartz, Citrine
Balanced: Animal feels in control and confident
Underactive: Skittish, timid, passive
Overactive: Bossy, Pushy, Aggressive

Heart Chakra – Color Associated with this Chakra is Green
Stone/Crystal: Rose Quartz, Malachite
Balanced: Love, Kindness and Affection
Underactive: Animal could be try to keep its distance
Overactive: Animals have so much love to give! It’s hard for me to accept that an animal could give too much love!

Throat Chakra – Color Associated with this Chakra is Blue
Stone/Crystal: Turquoise, Lapis Luzuli
Energy: Animals expresses itself thru being heard
Balanced: Animals expresses itself thru being heard and makes it’s needs known without agitation
Underactive: Timid and Shy – animal does not use it’s voice
Overactive: An animal that cries needlessly and manipulates it’s person

Third Eye: Color Associated with this Chakra is Indigo
Stone/Crystal: Sodalite, Tourmaline
Energy: Animal has insight into itself, it’s person, it’s surroundings
Balanced: Animal lives at comfort in the world of people and animals
Underactive: Animal relies on it’s person too much
Overactive: Animal lives in a world of Play! Play! Play!

Crown: Color Associated with this Chakra is Violet, Gold, or White
Stone/Crystal: Amethyst, Moonstone
Energy: Animals ability to access a universal “Animal Wisdom”
Balanced: Allows animal to be aware of its place in the world
Underactive: Animal with social anxiety – just never seems to fit in
Overactive: Animal that is in constant worry mode

The impact of balancing an animal’s chakras are beneficial and can be done with the animal in the room or at a distance. Each chakra is tested, starting with the Root and moving up to the Crown. Hold the pendulum, letting it dangle without moving, and ask if the animal’s Root Chakra is balanced. The pendulum will start to move accordingly to the “Yes” or “No” movements as explained above. Once you receive your answer, then the next step, is to balance the chakra or move on to the next one. Place a stone such as Jasper, if in the Root Chakra and it needs balancing, on the counter or on a picture of the animal. Then “open” the chakra – I do this with my hand; just going in a clockwise manner – and with my sensitivity – observe the chakra for what sometimes, to me, feels like a sticky substance. I then pull the sticky substance out until the chakra feels clean and balanced. I always finish with sending love and light to each chakra and the animal.

Our furry babies give us so much happiness and love. Balancing your animal’s chakras only takes a few minutes and has such a positive impact on their behavior. Try it tonight and see what a difference it makes!

Love and Light to you all!
Cindy Kay Jones
Animal Communicator and Evidential Medium







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