A Medium’s Journey – Across the Pond and Beyond

Hello Beautiful Souls! 2017 is upon us with bountiful new energy coursing through the universe! There are meaningful friendships to be made and exciting adventures that await as each soul sets their intention for this new year. Vision board parties with your amazing tribe, or perhaps just yourself in an intimate candlelit setting.  Visualizing your desires can be powerful in manifesting your goals and aspirations. Let me invite you now to sink deep into your sweet spot with a warm cup of herbal tea, nosh on a piece of dark chocolate, and read about my mystical experience at the incredible Arthur Findlay College in England –  one that I visualized many moons ago.

Spring of 2015 was an exciting time in my journey. I was growing and developing in my Intuitive work and had attended a Mediumship Workshop. This particular course was designed to deepen my relationship with the Spirit World, and I was so inspired, that I began to peruse the website of the Arthur Findlay College (AFC)- one of the foremost colleges in the world relative to Psychic and Mediumship Studies, located in England.

I cautiously reviewed each Arthur Findlay course, assessing my own ability, with my heart pounding. Could I actually be daring enough to fly overseas and study Mediumship? Not only that, be tutored by the finest Mediums in the world? My heart valiantly cried “Do it!” My head scolded “You’ll fail!” I sat staring at the website envisioning the Arthur Findlay College in my mind’s eye. I thought to myself…If one wishes to study law one attends Harvard Law School…if one wishes to study medicine one attends John Hopkins School of Medicine, if one wishes to study Mediumship one attends the Arthur Findlay College…a conclusion few would argue with. Thus, with a surge of confidence and a whole lot of faith, I booked my courses for November 2016. I had nearly a year and half to prepare for what would be a life changing experience.

Time can fly by or it can drag but time marches on. November 2016 came and the moment was finally here. I walked up the steps of the college, opened the doors, and crossed the threshold of what many mediums refer to as “home.” I eagerly explored the college as it was to be my home for the next several weeks. I gazed at the grand rooms, the beautiful sanctuary, perfectly manicured lawns, but most noticeable was the comradery amongst the mediums. Lifelong friendships are forged in such an environment and that is something special indeed.

My mediumship became much more personal to me as a result of attending AFC, as this work, is not just about communication between the physical world and the other side. Mediumship will expand the heart of medium if they allow it to, the result of which, is growth. Growing pains sometimes produce tears but tears dry and the pain subsides. The feeling of accomplishment after I demonstrated in front of my peers was overwhelming. I arrived at AFC one person and left another.

Dreams and visions. Do you have any? What would you do if fear wasn’t part of the equation. Would you take the next step? What is holding you back? Keep your vision in front of you and never ever give up. Always believe that anything is possible because it is – and know that I am cheering you on – whether it’s on this side or that side of that great big pond.

Cindy Kay Jones – Evidential Medium and Animal Communicator

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