The Dance of Surrender

Hello lovelies! Outside my living room window there is a gentle cool breeze blowing luring me outdoors to experience the last few days of summer. The sun is shining brightly with only a few of the many crape myrtles in my back yard still proudly displaying their white and pink blooms. My magnificent water feature of the Roman Goddess Juturna, is gently playing her soft melody, as the sound of cascading water fills my home. All of my sweet furry babies are napping and off in the distance a neighbor is mowing their yard. Sounds like I am in suburban paradise here hmmm? Well, there is more to the story and here is the Reader’s Digest version.

I find myself working full-time in two worlds. The first world is of business  – a world that I have worked in for nearly 20 years with success. Get up, go to work, come home, and do it again. Kinda like – wash, rinse, repeat…wash, rinse, repeat. The second world is of Spirit – a world of Mediumship, Intuitives, and Animal Communication. A world that has embraced me from the moment that my journey began. Expanding my awareness and horizons with each new incredible opportunity.

My work as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Medium is the most rewarding gift that I have been fortunate enough to share with the world. I have communicated with a Hedgehog that loves classic rock-n-roll (hey, you gotta love a hedgehog that digs Freddie Mercury!), I have connected loved ones in this physical world to their Spirit Family, and along the way met some of the most incredible, humble, gifted human beings that I am now able to call my friends.

My work as an Intuitive is thriving and very rewarding. However, I often find myself asking “When will I leave my desk job?” Well, I am stubborn…and nervous…and really really not very patient in this area of my life. It comes down to that word..Surrender. Letting go of what I want..Oooo..that means that my hands are free and there is nothing to hold onto!  I need..oh yeah…Surrender. Now breathe. Say it again. Surrender. Breathe. Say it again. Surrender…

I pause with each breath and remind myself of the present moment. That is where all the power to create lies. In this present moment I hear the sound of the cascading water falling outside my window, I see my furry babies contentedly napping, the sun is shining brightly outside my window, and I feel the gentle cool breeze blowing throughout my home. My heart rate begins to slow down as I breathe in this present moment and exhale the word…Surrender.

The Dance of Surrender. My dance, at times, looks like a cha-cha, then a tango, then free-style, and that is all before noon some weeks. However, my dance card has been filled with amazing opportunities where I have surrendered myself to serve. To serve Spirit, to serve my tribe, to serve my clients, and to serve my community. And guess what..I am not a wall-flower anymore..Yep..I am on the dance floor and the Bee-Gees are playing!

My work as an Professional Intuitive is truly a joy. Each day brings so much adventure and intrigue. Getting up in front of an audience, with no clue what you are going to say, only that you trust that the Spirit World be there, takes an enormous amount of Surrender. My question to you is what brings you real joy? Are you doing what makes your heart sing? Are you doing the Dance of Surrender, and if so, what does your dance look like? Hey..I have one more question for you to think about…Wanna Dance?



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