Growing Up Medium

Hello Lovelies! I was sitting on my porch having my morning coffee in quiet contemplation this morning. I could hear the birds singing while off in the distance a rooster was crowing. Instantly upon hearing that rooster my mind was flooded with memories of growing up in the Ozark Mountains and the Spirit World that was so much a part of my youth.

I’ve always felt the Spirit World. I remember at the age of two, playing in the floor, and feeling the other side come close to me. Those in the Spirit World became the inspiration of many games that I would play as a toddler. My mother has often told me that I could entertain myself for hours. However, as I grew older, and those in Spirit would gather near me, I would shut my eyes to turn off the connection. I could hear the other side also and that was overwhelming indeed. To say, as a kid, that I was timid of the Spirit World would be an understatement. Spirit never was trying to scare me but my own perception of what was happening did.

Remember drive-in movie theaters? We had one in the town that I grew up in and my Mom was a classic horror movie fan. Many a Saturday night she would drive my sisters and I, in her Chevy Impala, to the local drive in to watch the double feature. I can still feel the cool night air drifting through the valley with the smell of popcorn lingering on the air. All was right with the world until the creature feature started playing. The common phrase in our home was, “don’t let Cindy watch scary movies!” and so, if the movie was scary, then I was paralyzed with fear. Hollywood really does the Spirit World an injustice. Nothing that I have ever experienced, as a medium, has mirrored the extremes of what I so feared as a child.

So growing up an Intuitive Medium…What was it like? Well, I can only give a little of my perspective here. I could “feel” the energy of a room that I walked into. I knew if someone had been fighting, if someone was sad, even if those individuals were no longer in the room. Those upset emotions weren’t mine and I carried them with me until I no longer felt them. I felt concern over how bills would be paid, my grandmother’s health, a stranger’s mood and none of these were matters discussed with me. I just knew and felt way more than I should have. There were times that I could feel a Spirit in the room with me; I could feel that Spirit’s energy. I knew if the Spirit was male or female and saw impressions of how their life was lived before they passed. It was a real part of my childhood until I reached adolescence. I so wanted to fit in; to be accepted. So, I did my best to turn down the dial to the Spirit World. I never fully fit in at school, but, I did manage to turn the volume down to the Spirit World that had been so much a part of my existence.

“Turning the dial down” didn’t mean that all the supernatural experiences in my life stopped completely. Those on the other side always gathered close, around my bed, at night. I tried my very best to ignore them. Dreading turning out the lights. I just didn’t understand what they wanted. That was until about 2007. Enough. Enough with fear and uncertainty. I needed answers and began the journey of finding them not having a clue where to start.

Shortly thereafter a series of amazing synchronistic events unfolded in my life. Relationships began forming and my search for answers were proving fruitful. My mediumship development was just beginning. I was untrained, big time in need of grounding, but thankful.

I now work as a Professional Intuitive Medium and Animal Communicator. It’s beautiful to bring messages of hope to those who have loved ones on the other side. So touching to see and feel the healing take place in the lives of those who are still here in the physical. I couldn’t see this aspect of Mediumship when I was younger. There was a process that needed to unfold, for myself, of acceptance, study, discipline, and love. Love for Spirit, others, and for myself.

So much of my journey hasn’t been about taking a leap of faith but about taking the next step. What’s it like on your journey? Do you allow fear to hold you back? Playing it small never turns out the way you want it to. Be fearless – be strong – be courageous!

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