New Year’s Intentions for Us and Our Animal Friends

Happy New Year! 2016 is upon us and is sure to be filled with magic and wonder! So many of us naturally set our intentions for the New Year as a way to create and manifest our desires. Have you set and declared your intentions for the New Year yet? Perhaps yours is achieving better health, being of service to others, or awakening to your own spiritual gifts. However, have you ever considered that our animal companions have intentions to declare as well?

Last night, New Years Eve, I was surrounded by my animal companions in a burning bowl ceremony.  I prepared my sacred space and wrote down all that I wanted to release and renew. As I prepared for this ritual it seemed lacking in something. I began to become aware of a loving voice in my awareness, as my animal friends sat by me, – “Listen to us –  we are here to experience this journey with you.”

A sense of wonder swept over my heart! Our animal companions have intentions of their own, that are worthy to be voiced and declared! I listened intently to my sweet furry babies recant to me their soul’s journey. Their lessons learned inspire me to live more consciously in service to others.

I held space for my animal friends as I released what was not for the highest and the best into the fire. Their sweet souls and mine partaking in a sacred ceremony together. How amazing that our animal companions have such a profound effect on our path. Their souls truly give pure love; out of which springs forth new life for a New Year ahead.

I encourage you to listen to your animal companions. Their souls have wisdom and love to give you that knows no bounds. As you set your intentions for 2016, perhaps stop for just a moment and consider your animal friends. They have so much to tell you about their world…and yours!

In Service to Spirit

Cindy Kay Jones

Animal Communicator and Intuitive Medium




One thought on “New Year’s Intentions for Us and Our Animal Friends

  1. Hi Cindy… How blessed are you for knowing that our life and energy continues… I’ve lost animal loved ones in the past and now I’m afraid I’m losing my best friend, her name is Stephanie, she’s 16 foxterrier cross Chihuahua.
    I love her more than the world, she’s sick been to the vet and emergency over and over, at first they said it was old age but I feelt it wasn’t just that. Now we found a large tumor in her abdomen she’s not eating or drinking. I hurt coz of the time we spent is so very special, I got joy and strength from her as well as her daughter Anush she passed this year.. they were my family, I also hurt coz of the unknown… Are they dead.. gone or do they live on.. I don’t know. This leaves a hole.

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