Animal Soul Contracts

Greetings to you friend! I’ve always considered animals as my friends, as many of you probably do as well. So it’s quite natural for me to consider them not only as friends but as family members. I share the adventurous happenings of my days with my furry babies and I listen intently to their wonderful stories as well!

So many of us that love, respect, and consider our furry babies as family members know how painful it is after the death of a pet. The process of dealing and coping with the death process is different for everyone. Animal Communication can provide a new spiritual outlook and resource in the stages of pet loss grief.

Animals have a soul. They are on a journey, in this physical world, as are humans. Animals sign soul contracts, before they incarnate, to experience everything in this physical world, that they have agreed to. There are different types of soul contacts as I will discuss below.

The first type is called Karmic. A Karmic Contract affects destiny within one incarnation. A Karmic Contract is limited to that particular lifetime and can still be a segment of a larger soul commitment for multiple reincarnations within an owners life.  An example would be a therapy dog that has the ability to sense seizures or trauma in their person’s aura or body. This is an experience that would affect their human companion’s destiny. The animal karma (or soul’s choice) facilitated that outcome of the interaction with that human. The number of agreements made between a pet’s soul and their person determine the quantity of a pet’s past lives an animal will share with their companion in a singe life or throughout multiple lifetimes.

There are several types of pet spiritual arrangements that an animal can configure in their animal process:

A. Over-Souling: Is when the late pet contracts to direct a new or former pet from a higher perspective.

B. Walk In Contract: Is when the deceased pet’s energy moves into another pet’s body that has agreed to relocate when the departed pet’s energy reincarnates.

C. Soul Braiding: Is a shared contract when the deceased pet returns as a roommate within a current pet’s body.

D. New Body Contract: The pet’s energy that passed returns in a new physical form.

I talk with clients, every week, that have a pet that has crossed over into Spirit. I assure them, and you, that our furry babies life force energy and love lives on. There are those skeptics out there that scratch their head at the thought of reincarnation. I ask them just to first consider the possibility. For in time, that beloved furry baby, may come back to you, if it’s what they have contracted to do.

Love and Light

Cindy Kay Jones

Animal Communicator and Intuitive Medium