A little about me….My Journey as an Intuitive…so far!

Hello beautiful light that you are! I wanted to share with you a little about my journey as an Animal Communicator and Intuitive Medium. It’s been an amazing journey so far!

I was born intuitive. I’ve always had the ability to read energy and people. I remember seeing auras and just knowing that I was seeing an emanation of light and energy.  I recall intense feelings, sometimes after meeting a person, that didn’t go away easily. Being shy, I found a strong connection with the animals on my Grandparent’s farm. Their sprawling farm was filled with cows, horses, hogs, chickens, dogs and cats. I loved the animals and being out in nature. I would sit outside and crack walnuts for hours. I would play with my furry and feathered friends and knew them all by name. Being outside, at my Grandparent’s farm, was very enjoyable for me. However, being inside my Grandparent’s house…not so enjoyable.

During the 1970’s my Grandmother provided convalescent care, in her home to elderly people. I remember her taking in at least six beautiful souls. She provided each one, room and board, gave them their medications, and the preacher would stop by for Sunday Services. Her beautiful home was situated in the charming countryside of the Ozarks and had many, many rooms. Lots of bright light filled the house and the smell of home cooked meals always permeated my senses. It was very much a lovely home, but to me, it was the beginning of knowing how different I was.

I was not allowed to go into the part of the house where the “old people” (as my six-year-old self would call them) lived. I knew that they were there and I even knew one man by name…”Happy.” Now Happy, was just his nickname as he was a boxer in his youth, and had been punched so many times, that he was what you call “punch drunk.” But he was very friendly and nice to me. They really all were. But eventually, each soul passed away, and some passed in my Grandparent’s home. I remember my heart racing as I would walk the hallway to the part of the house where the “old people” had lived. My breath becoming short and my already prominent speech impediment becoming increasingly worse. I could sense their presence in the rooms with me. My way of sensing them was that I could feel and hear their Spirits. It was a terrifying experience. As a six-year-old kid all I wanted to do was run but fear had sunk its hooks deep into me. I never tried to communicate with the departed souls, and my religious upbringing would not have permitted that anyway. I did reach out to my immediate family but it was chalked up to me having an over active imagination and thus my perception was invalidated. I continued to experience many other supernatural phenomenon but eventually, I learned how to “turn down” the volume to the Spirit World and tried to fit in as best as I could.

Decades passed until 2008. I would call 2008 the year that my spiritual gifts began to amplify. I could no longer ignore what had always been a part of me. I was guided to take an Animal Communication Course and a few years later started attending a beautiful Mediumship Development Circle. I grew in my confidence and awareness of my spiritual abilities; which no longer could remain dormant.  Coming in contact with like-minded souls, who have had similar life experiences, has been truly healing for me.

I have an Animal Communication and Intuitive Mediumship Practice now. I am blessed with the Spiritual Gifts of Clairaudience (hearing Spirit – both subjectively and objectively) Clairsentience (feeling Spirit) and Clairvoyance (clear seeing) . I’m also a natural Trance Medium who is in the early stages of development for trance. My intuitive work is, without a doubt, the best thing that I’ve ever done! Being able to be a messenger of Spirit is a tremendous blessing and responsibility. What dreams or abilities do you have? Believe in yourself and let your light shine for all to see! I believe in you!

Love and Light

Cindy Kay Jones

Animal Communicator and Intuitive Medium

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