Animal Communication Workshop

Hello Beautiful Soul! I was so honored the weekend of August 1st and 2nd to teach an Introduction to Animal Communication Workshop at the beautiful and spiritually energetic venue of Stone and Feather in Tulsa, OK! Eager and gifted students were ready and willing to learn the basics of telepathic communication and I was ready to teach! Telepathic communication, as I believe it to be, is a natural way of communicating and an ability that all souls incarnate with. It is in humans, that verbal communication is more encouraged in babies to communicate, and we disconnect from our natural telepathic abilities. However, with the proper mindset and instruction, we have the ability to communicate telepathically with all species.

Other aspects of my workshop included the importance of meditation and the breath.  Giving yourself time everyday to go within and listen to silence will help you in your telepathic communication. It is difficult to hear what Spirit or your animal friends are communicating when you have a rodeo going on in your head. You can start with a simple breathing meditation to become aware of your breath. As you become more mindful of the present your thoughts will slow down. This will help you in telepathic communication with your animal companions.

We also talked about Chords, and their purpose; as how it relates to Animal Communication. One example is the Blue Ribbon. This can be used to let the emotion of another flow through your physical and emotional body. You envision a blue chord or ribbon coming down through your crown chakra and out your heart center. This will allow you to not hold onto any emotion that is not yours. This allows the emotion that is the persons or animals to flow through.

I was truly amazed as my students exchanged pictures of their animals and began to link in telepathically. It was effortless and came very natural to each one. I was so impressed with their lack of fear regarding telepathy and their willingness to believe beyond the physical aspect of animals. Great job students! You each impressed me with your enthusiasm and natural telepathic abilities! One of my students, is a gifted intuitive artist, Melinda Pankey;  her Facebook page is Intuitive Ink.

Other topics included Animal Chakra’s, Soul Contracts, and the Use of the Pendulum in Animal Communication. It was fascinating to see growth in my students in just a 2 day workshop! I hope to teach this workshop again soon, with even more depth, in this most exciting passion of mine!

Love and Light

Cindy Kay Jones

Animal Communicator and Intuitive Medium

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